Elle Yarns

Brand Ambassadors

At Elle Yarns, we are proud to work with a diverse group of brand ambassadors who share our love for sustainable, high-quality yarn products. Our ambassadors come from all walks of life and represent a range of interests, from fashion to outdoor adventure.


They are united by their passion and enthusiasm for their craft. Through their unique stories, experiences, and perspectives, our brand ambassadors help us connect with our customers and showcase the versatility and beauty of our products.


Whether they are exploring the great outdoors, creating stylish outfits, or sharing their own tips and tricks, our ambassadors are an integral part of our brand community. We are grateful for their support and honoured to have them represent Elle Yarns.


Get to know our local ambassadors by clicking on the ambassador links below. Have a look at some of their work, purchase/download their patterns and follow them on social media. Be sure to get in touch with our ambassadors directly with regards to pattern queries or general enquiries.


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