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Winter 2018

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We know you’ve been curious and we have been so excited to show you… have a look at our brand new range of yarns introduced for winter 2018.

We will tell you a bit more about each one in the weeks to come, but for now, here are some images to get you excited and inspired! 

FAMILY KNIT VINTAGE  |  DK & Chunky  |  100 g  |  100 % Acrylic

patterns available free on our website.


RHAPSODY  |   200 g  |  91 % Acrylic  9 % Polyester

patterns available soon.


POKA  |  Aran  |  100 g  |  81 % Acrylic  19 % Polyester

patterns available soon.


MIRAGE SASSY  |   50 g  |  86 % Acrylic  14 % Polyester

patterns available soon.


5 thoughts on “Winter 2018

  1. In order to get these free pattern what must i do?

    1. Please visit the FAQ section of the site there is a tutorial on how to do it.


  2. Can I buy yarn on this website?

    1. Hi Charmain. You can not buy yarn directly off our site but you can view the stockists in your area under the store locations section on the site.

  3. Knitting with Poka yarn. Bobbles always go to back of work? How do I knit to get them in front. Using stocking stitch

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