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January ’19 stitch of the month: Fan’ulous

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One pair recommended needle size for the yarn you are using


k = knit; p = purl; rep = repeat; R(W)SF = right(wrong) side facing; st(s) = stitch(es); tog = together


Make fan = k1, insert needle in centre of next stitch 3 rows down, yarn over needle and pull up a loop, (k next stitch, pull up another loop as before in same hole) twice.


Multiple of 6sts + 5sts

We added 3 garter stitches at each end but these are NOT included in the instructions below.

Stitches should not be counted on 3rd or 7th row of pattern.

Foundation row: WSF, k

1st row: RSF, p.

2nd row: K.

3rd row: P1, (make fan, p3) to last 4sts, make fan, p1.

4th row: K1, *(p2tog) 3 times, k3, rep from * to last 7sts, (p2tog) 3 times, k1.

5th row: P.

6th row: K.

7th row: P4, (make fan, p3) to last st, p1.

8th row: K4, *(p2tog) 3 times, k3, rep from * to last st, k1.

Rep these 8 rows.

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