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March ’17 stitch of the month: Woven Horizontal Herringbone


One pair recommended needle size for the yarn you are using.


k = knit; k(p)w = knit(purl)wise; p = purl; rep = repeat; RSF = right side facing; sl = slip; st(s) = stitch(es); yb = take yarn to back of work; yfd = bring yarn to front of work.

1st row: RSF, k3, (yfd, sl 2sts kw, yb, k2) to last st, k1.

2nd row: P2, (yb, sl 2sts pw, yfd, p2) to last 2sts, p2.

3rd row: K1, yfd, sl 2sts kw, yb, (k2, yfd, sl 2sts, yb) to last st, k1.

4th row: P4, (yb, sl 2sts pw, yfd, p2) to end.

5th to 12th row: Rep 1st to 4th row twice more.

13th row: As 3rd row.

14th row: As 2nd row.

15th row: As 1st row.

16th row: As 4th row.

17th to 24th row: Rep 13th to 16th row twice more.

Rep these 24 rows.